Recover from your injury!

Have you or someone you know been injured lately? Slipping on an icy walkway outside, hurting yourself at the gym, or your child getting hurt while playing hockey. There are a variety of ways to injure your body, but the general recovery principles remain the same! Here are some tips outlined by our physiotherapists at Aurora Sports Medicine Professionals, who treat injuries every day!

1) REST – Getting rest is the most difficult yet most crucial part in the injury rehab process. Using a muscle, tendon, or bone that needs to heal causes unnecessary stress to that part, hindering the recovery process. Resting allows your body to allocate all the necessary resources to rebuilding and repairing, rather than “working through the pain.”

2) REHAB – Next on the list, is allowing a professional to help you in the recovery process. A sports injury doctor or registered physiotherapist can assist in helping your body recover. They can build a recovery program that helps regain the injured areas full range of motion and function.

3) EAT THE RIGHT FOODS – Malnutrition is an unfortunate side effect of the 21st century. Processed foods and preservatives are not only unhealthy, they mean your body is missing out all on the important vitamins and minerals crucial to recovery. By eating natural foods, whole grains, fruits and vegetables; you give your body the best chance at recovering quickly.

4) REGAIN WHAT YOU LOST – The last step in the injury recovering process is rebuilding muscle, regaining your endurance and having confidence that your injury has past. A physiotherapist can help you gain back what you lost, may it be muscle, endurance, or range of motion. Being confident that you have fully recovered from your injury will allow you to enjoy life like you did before and not have a physiological worry that your body is not at maximum potential.

Above are some guidelines for you or your child to recover from a minor injury. For the best sports injury recovery, visiting a sports doctor or physiotherapist is recommended as recovery plans are unique to each situation!

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