Keeping Kids Active & Healthy

Video games, TV, watching movies and "just chilling" are all the fun things pre-teen and teenagers like to do. Too hot, too cold, too much work are all the excuses we hear when we try and persuade our children to get outside and be active! Here are ASMP's recommended ways to get your child outside and live an active lifestyle.

1) Walk or bike to school instead of driving them in the morning and afternoon.

2) Add walking the dog to their chore lists, make sure they do it once a day!

3) Complete an outdoor project with them over a weekend or over a couple weekend.

4) Suggest to your child your favorite sport, and then be an active participant in your child's sport.

5) Buy your child a bike, scooter, rollerskates; get them excited about using them.

6) Plan a day at the beach, local park, waterpark, or ski hill; the kids will have fun while being active.

7) Set a good example. If you come home and stay inside all weekend watching TV, they are going to want to do the same.

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