Eat Your Way To Wellness

Many believe that to lose weight, you simply have to eat fewer calories. However, it is not only how many calories we eat, but what we eat and when we eat that is important.

For example, a fruit can have the same amount of calories as a cookie, but the two foods have very different effects on the body. The cookie is a fast digesting carbohydrate which will raise your blood sugar quickly and send a signal to the body to stop burning fat as the body uses the excess sugar for energy. The fruit is a slow digesting carbohydrate which will not raise your blood sugar quickly and therefore the body will continue to use stored fat for energy. The cookie and the fruit have the same number of calories, but very different effects on the body.

By going back to basics, you can enjoy eating plenty of food, not feel hungry or deprived and eat healthier lower calorie meals that nourish the body. Eating whole foods from nature, not processed foods in packaging, we will be leaner and healthier.

There are 3 simple rules to follow:

  1. DO NOT SKIP MEALS. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner each day so your body is fueled throughout the entire day, your hormones stay in balance and you do not feel hungry.

  2. BALANCE EACH MEAL. One third of your plate should consist of a low fat protein (about the size of your palm) and two thirds of your plate should consist of a slow-digesting carbohydrate such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Add to this a small amount of good fat such as nuts, olive oil or avocado. This is a perfectly balanced meal that will keep your glucose and hormones in balance as it keeps you feeling full.

  3. EAT SNACKS. Eat an afternoon and evening snack to keep your glucose and insulin levels in balance throughout the day. You cannot control your weight loss unless you control your insulin levels. Each snack should include a low fat protein, a slow digesting carbohydrate and a healthy fat. Your snack should be about one third the size of your meals.

If you follow this meal plan, you will be eating enough food to feel full and satisfied without consuming excessive amounts of calories. This is not a diet, but a way of eating for health. If you are overweight, you will notice a loss of weight and increased sense of well-being. The weight you lose will be excess body fat and will be permanent if you follow the 3 simple rules.

Keep your weight in control and your health at its peak!

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