Almost everyone gets a headache at some point in their life. Some people, however, get them daily or almost every day. This problem is referred to as chronic daily headache. Women are twice as likely as men to suffer from chronic daily headache.

People with chronic daily headache get headaches every day or nearly every day for an extended period of time – a year or longer. Most often, this condition develops in people who used to get the occasional migraine, tension or other type of headache.

Regardless of how the headache originates, chronic daily headache often produces anxiety and depression.

Getting control of chronic daily headaches starts with pain relief treatments such a applying a heating pad daily to your neck and shoulders. You should also ask your doctor to send you to a physical therapist – physiotherapist or massage therapist. Techniques such as massage, ultrasound, or gentle stretching will help relieve muscle tightness that will keep headaches away.

Medications are a choice for some people. As with many chronic conditions, it is important to visit your doctor and find the preventive and treatment strategies that work best for you.

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