ASMP - Year in Review

It has been a great year at ASMP! Our first full year has been filled with many highlights including:

  • The addition of 2 great physiotherapists – Alex Doduc and Marlene Luis. Alex has brought an energetic attitude to ASMP and a wealth of knowledge in assessment and treatment of running injuries. With his interest in this area we have purchased a treadmill for the clinic to provide our clinicians with the ability to assess and treat running related injuries. Marlene has provided a strong female therapist presence to ASMP with her manual skills and knowledge in specialty areas including competitive gymnastics, dance, and biomechanics.

  • We congratulated one of our senior physiotherapists, Mike Pameli for successfully completing his advanced examinations in the orthopaedic manual therapy program of the CPA. Mike now possesses the FCAMPT designation (Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapists). This designation provides him and our clinic with a high level of manual therapy training and expertise to better support our patients and clinicians.

  • 2015 has also been a year of growth for the medical team at ASMP. Dr. Wong Shue - our sports medicine physician has seen a surge in referrals from local family physicians thus prompting the addition of a second clinic day at ASMP. This year the Acute Sports Injury Clinic was also started to capture the sports injuries diagnosed by family physicians needing more advanced medical attention from Dr. Wong Shue.

  • Our orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Patrick Gamble continues to manage a growing orthopaedic and sports injury surgical caseload at Southlake Regional Hospital. Dr. Gamble also serves as the Medical Director of ASMP and spearheaded a new initiative this year with the 1st of a 4 part series of education lectures on Osteoarthritis Management of the Knee to local family physicians. This past year’s lecture was focused on bracing management for arthritis and ligament injuries.

  • Our chiropodist, massage therapists and occupational therapists have also benefited in growth this past year. With ever increasing demands for many types of therapy, our professionals are able to fill the void and provide the necessary treatments our patients were looking for.

What does 2016 bring to ASMP?

  • Our staff is committed to further enhancing and developing personal skill sets to better serve our current and future patients. Therapists are seeking training in dry needling (Acupunture) techniques, concussion management strategies, neuro rehab, visual/vestibular training, and further manual therapy development.

  • The progression of our Sports Medicine division to potentially look at the addition of PRP injections, latest concussion treatment strategies, and developing relationships with our local sports organizations.

  • We look forward to developing a stronger relationship with Sport Aurora this year and connecting with many sports organizations to share our expertise in a variety of areas.

  • We hope to connect further with the local Family MDs and sports organizations to learn about our Concussion Management Program and the benefits of baseline testing and management of concussions.

  • We are also keen to initiate our regular clinic newsletter and share our knowledge and education to our patients.

  • In extending our education to patients and the local community we look forward to further enhancing our online presence with our blogs, facebook posts, and twitter feeds to keep the public informed about what we do and the new innovations in sport medicine and rehabilitation.

  • We are excited about all the possibilities of 2016 and the many ways we can provide excellence in service, professional advice, and education to our patients and the local community!

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