The Coconut Oil Revolution

Virgin coconut oil is the rising superstar of the “healthy fats revolution” and for a good reason of course! If you’ve ever experimented with coconut oil in the kitchen, on your skin or even for some common household problems, then you know exactly what I am getting at. As many of you may not know, coconut oil is a saturated fatty acid. You might hear the word fatty or acid and go “oh no, both of those can’t be good for my body.” Let me stop you there. There are actually many health benefits to including high quality saturated fats in the diet; in moderation of course. Coconut oil is made up of Medium Chain Fatty Acids and these are more easily digested than their larger equivalent. They can provide the body with quick and easy energy, while requiring little effort from the digestive system. The Medium Chain Fatty Acids in coconut oil have been shown to increase metabolism, enhance digestion, heal and repair skin, and make you smell amazing! I think that it is safe to say that coconut oil is indeed GOOD for you. Here are some ways that coconut oil can be beneficial for you:

  1. Your daily energy when added to food and drinks

  2. Support healthy thyroid function

  3. Can help improve insulin levels

  4. Acts as an anti-inflammatory

  5. Helps lose weight when consumed daily

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