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A sport medicine physician has special expertise and knowledge in musculoskeletal medicine and sport-related illness.  Their primary training may be in family medicine, orthopaedic surgery, emergency medicine, or physical medicine and rehabilitation. Often they have done special training in sport medicine.


All sport medicine physicians in Canada have written an exam and hold a Diploma in Sport Medicine, administered by the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine. The letters “Dip Sport Med” after a physician’s name indicates their special qualifications in sport medicine.  Sport medicine physicians diagnose and manage musculoskeletal injuries and illness in active people, usually resulting from participation in sports and recreational activities. They are knowledgeable about appropriate bracing, splinting, taping and orthotics for injuries, as well as about nutritional issues affecting sport performance, including fluid and electrolyte replacement. They work closely with other health professionals, such as physiotherapists, athletic therapists, and radiologists in the rehabilitation of injuries.


Aurora Sports Medicine Professionals is fortunate to have one of the leading sports medicine physicians in York Region, Dr. Steven Wong-Shue.  His weekly ‘sports injury clinic’ will focus on consultation, assessment, and treatment via prescribed medication or injections provided on-site.  Dr. Steven Wong-Shue will also have the ability to recommend suitable treatment options to patients including physiotherapy, massage therapy, and/or orthopaedic surgery consultation.


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